The labyrinth is a spiritual tool for walking meditation and reflection. Its winding yet defined path allows those who walk it to surrender and experience time with the Sacred. Walking the path allows us to create a space in which to put aside our linear, hurried lives and clear the way for peace and calm.

The sacred design of labyrinths can be found in many different traditions dating back thousands of years. Unlike a maze, it contains one continuous path which is followed to the center and then is used to return.

The Center to BE uses a 36-square foot canvas Chartres-style (eleven circuit) labyrinth. Open Labyrinth Walks and Mini-retreats are scheduled periodically in Fond du Lac and Milwaukee.

The labyrinth is available for daily or weekend rental to qualified groups or organizations. The labyrinth must be used for spiritual reflection under the guidance of an experienced leader. It is to be used indoors only. Suggested donation for rental of the labyrinth is $100 per day or $200 per weekend.

To schedule dates for leasing the labyrinth, contact us.