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New Listings: May 2009
Create increased awareness of the effects of giving to benefit people throughout the world and contribute directly to the giving process by wearing the “give shirt”.
Spirituality & Ecological Hope is an exploration of the spiritual meaning of the ecological crisis that now faces our precious Earth. Site is written by Margaret Swedish, author of Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope.
Upaya Zen Center is a residential Buddhist community located in Santa Fe, NM. Upaya publishes a free weekly email newsletter with essays, insights, teachings, poems, photos, and information about Upaya's offerings
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader. This site makes the best talks and performances from TED available to the public, for free.
The Website for RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY, a program of news coverage and analysis of national and international events in the ever-changing religious world, featuring transcripts, video of reports, interviews with notable guests, related articles dealing with significant issues in religion and ethics news, a list of related resources and quarterly newsletter.
Website for Religion Outside the Box, a welcome-as-you-are, non-sectarian, not-Bible-dependent spiritual-religious organization which empowers adults to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding).

More Website Recommendations
The world in linked through prayer. Includes meditations to music.
An interfaith movement of social commitment and justice.
The Website of CORE/El Centro a Milwaukee non-profit natural healing center that provides personal and global healing through the integration of body, mind, and spirit.
Beyond Words was founded over 20 years ago and is known for publishing high quality books that are either the "first of" or "the best of" a genre. We invite you to explore our body, mind and spirit books as well as our young adult and children's titles. We also have some interesting wellness products and will be adding to that category in time, bringing you the best of what's available in related products to some our books.
"Down to Earth Support for Living". This is the website of Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, an Episcopal priest, spiritual director and author in Manhattan. It offers daily spiritual messages.
Features weekly columns by Ronald Rolheiser, author of The Holy Longing and The Shattered Lantern.
A catalog-website filled with lovely and unusual books and gifts for reawakening the spirit.
News reporting and political commentary for the Progressive Community.
The website of singer-composer Shaina Noll who was the featured presenter at the 2004 benefit event for The Center to BE. Read about Shaina and order her CDs here.
This large religious web site (over 2,500 essays and menus) promotes religious freedom, tolerance and diversity as positive cultural values. Maintained by a multi-faith group, it reports on controversial religious topics trying to explain all sides to each topic fairly and objectively.
CODEPINK is a women initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest and non-violent direct action.
Website featuring Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures and other publications of the Positive Futures Network (PFN) an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people's active engagement in creating a just, sustainable, and compassionate world.
Heartbeats Religious Gifts Catalog of Inspirational Gifts made by World Artists. Heartbeats - a ministry of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary – offers a unique networking opportunity for women, minority and developing world artists to market their works to the world.
S. Joan Chittister writes a regular column which can be found at this website of the National Catholic Reporter.
This is the website for The Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago. ISL is one of the oldest centers in the world offering a course in personal spiritual growth and training in the art and skill of spiritual direction. ISL collaborates with The Center to BE in presenting Awakening Compassion as a Spiritual Resource for Leaders.
The artwork of watercolorist Doris Klein, CSA is displayed in this Online Gallery . Each piece includes a reflection written by the artist as well as descriptive information on the size, media and availability of the original paintings. Doris' work draws on themes of spirituality from a woman's perspective and the feminine face of God.
Earth Light, The Magazine of Spiritual Ecology, offers this website which features essays and art work from its recent issues. Those who follow the writings of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and others interested in the need to "live and work in touch with earth and spirit", will find much to enjoy here.
Sojourners is a Christian ministry whose mission is to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice. Their Sojourners Magazine is featured on this website along with information about their other publications and activities.
A wide-ranging and eclectic site of spirituality, religion, culture and health featuring news items, reflections, essays and much more.
This is the website of the National Public Radio program, Speaking of Faith, produced by Minnesota Public Radio. The programs do not always have "religion" itself as a subject, but grapple with common and larger themes of American life-asking how perspectives of faith might offer illumination.
An extensive site related to Spirituality; Health magazine containing articles, book and movie reviews, courses, events, discussions and more.
A website which encourages experiences and thoughts about the idea and practice of spirituality in the workplace.
An Irish website by Jesuit priests featuring "Sacred Space", a daily on-line prayer page.
“In each of us there is a spark that can reverse the trends of violence and depression spiraling within us and in the world around us. By setting in motion the spiral of gratefulness we begin the journey toward peace and joy.” Includes poetry, essays, book recommendations and daily practices to encourage gratefulness.
The website of Upper Room Ministries which publishes the spirituality journal, Weavings. Includes Christian reflections, articles and other resources “to help believers of all ages and denominations move to a deeper level of faith and service.”
This section of the larger website of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco is a collaboration with Veriditas, the World-Wide Labyrinth Project. Veriditas is committed to reintroducing the labyrinth in its many forms as a spiritual tool. Includes on-line labyrinth, labyrinth locator, and labyrinth related events and programs.
Describes Nine Gates Mystery School, in intense spiritual journey that takes one to the depths of life’s mysteries.
A resource for helping the individual restore balance and harmony on all levels of being: body, mind and spirit.Includes information about consulting services, nutraceutical products and energy work.
Watershed Online is designed, written, edited, and financially sustained by a creative non-profit community in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. " to consider and apply the insights of literature, spirituality and cultural studies." It features an online magazine.
This is a Jesuit-focused website out of Creighton University which includes daily reflections, an on-line retreat, links to other spirituality sites and more. Very current and thought-provoking.
Psychotherapist and author, Philip Chard, who presents Healing Earth workshops with the Center to BE, has a website at It features an archive of his newspaper columns, photographs and reflections.
The stories of people whose lives have been touched by the body wisdom practices taught through CAPACITAR are featured on this website. CAPACITAR is an international program which teaches individuals to heal, empower and transform themselves, their families, their communities and their societies. The Center to BE collaborates with this California-based organization to present the intensive program, Training in Healing and Transformation in Wisconsin.
The vision of is to develop as a primary Internet gateway for people seeking holistic methods for achieving good health. The mission, as currently articulated, is to facilitate a lively interactive Internet community through which people can: learn about holistic, energy and intuitive medicine, spiritual direction, including Carolyn Myss' philosophy and those of other professionals; buy education resources and health aids that help people heal themselves; and contribute to the development of the field.